About Felicity

About Felicity

I am Felicity. My husband, Jack, and I have adult twin sons. With our children all grown up, I discovered the world of internet shopping.

I love shopping!

One day my husband, Jack, said, “Felicity, you really should do something about your shopping habit”. He was not complaining about my spending, because I rarely buy. Instead, I compare prices and dream. It takes me a long time to actually buy something! When I find a potential purchase, I’ll watch its price for weeks or months. The price might fall, I might find a coupon or it will go to an outlet site where I can save up to 60 percent.

Jack’s comment led to this blog about online shopping and saving money. I’ll share my ideas on saving money and online shopping, of course, along with my favourite websites and discounts. You’ll see a few entries on creative repurposing, as well. I hope you’ll subscribe and add your ideas as comments. If you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!



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