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Freedom from Dandruff


Photo credit: Internet Archive Book Images / Foter / No known copyright restrictions

Photo credit: Internet Archive Book Images / Foter / No known copyright restrictions

Dandruff is the last thing I want to see, but it happens. My bouts of dandruff usually happen during winter, caused by the general dryness that sends me hunting lotion, on a regular basis. I’m more concerned if dandruff develops during the warmer seasons because fungus is usually the cause. I tried special shampoos, but found they made matters worse. Yes, my scalp tingled but, other than that, the dandruff remained. Fortunately, I discovered two effective home remedies for dandruff.

Find an Old Fashion Mouthwash

You can’t use just any mouthwash, and using it in your mouth won’t treat dandruff. You need a mouthwash containing alcohol. Simply shampoo your hair as you usually do, then rinse your hair with the alcohol mouthwash. Rinse the  mouthwash away, then use your regular conditioner. I can almost see the little question marks appear over your head, but the alcohol in mouthwash keeps fungus, a common cause of warm weather dandruff, from growing! Use the alcohol mouthwash rinse every time you wash your hair, until your dandruff disappears. Each case of dandruff is different, so you’ll need to use your own good judgement to determine how long you’ll need to use it.

Taking Care of The Itch

Dandruff flakes are embarrassing, but the itching is terrible. Instead of trying to use the ends of pencils to scratch your scalp,hopefully unnoticed, break open an aloe vera leaf and massage the gel-like fluid on your scalp, then leave it for 20 minutes. It soothes, has antibacterial properties, and promotes healing.

These remedies are less expensive than many of the medicated shampoos on the market Used faithfully, your dandruff should clear up before you know it!



Healing Winter Skin from Kitchen Cabinets

Fill your bottles with home made skin care potions.

If you are like me, the skin on your face and hands takes a beating during the winter months. Dry skin makes you look older, but severely dry skin cracks and leaves you open to infection. I have tried commercial hand lotions and expensive facial creams, only to find my skin getting drier. I’ve grown tired of buying pricey failures, so I’ve decided to try making my own skin treatment.

First, I visited Active Formulas. My sister-in-law suggested this site but it carries ingredients you see on pricey commercial products.  Since I am just starting my diy skincare journey, I’ll save this site and use Natural-Organic-Products-and Recipes, instead. It is less overwhelming for beginners, like me.

I plan on looking through several sites, later. Buying every ingredient, before actually using my homemade moisturizer, will take too long and be too expensive. I will focus ingredients that appear in several recipes, then buy emulsifying wax and lecithin to bind those ingredients to make the cream. As I grow more comfortable, I’ll slowly add more ingredients to my arsenal, but I’ll already have enough to make my first moisturizer. My kitchen cabinets are already stocked with grape seed, coconut and olive oils.

The most important things I have learned about saving money are planning and patience. As long as my initial cost leads to greater savings, I can accept spending now to save later! Are you tired of commercial skin creams that barely work, if at all? How do you plan to have better skin by the end of winter?


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