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Are you familiar with what SSL Certificates do?

I talk a lot about online shopping, but do we also pay required attention to how safe our information (personal as well as financial) is when we register on a website and swipe our credit card?

security when shopping online

Since few years, internet security has become a major issue for the website owners. Every website owner wishes to provide the best in market security to its users. And this is where SSL certificates have come into the picture. Webmasters as well as the visitors feel more secure psychologically when they see the green padlock icon on their browsing windows. SSL certificates are no doubt very crucial to the entire web encryption system. Encryption of the URLs and internet traffic makes internet browsing much easier and safer. The SSL certificate encryption not only filters your search but also provides a safe passage for all confidential communications.

Over the years many questions on the necessity, validation and security levels of SSL certificates have been raised. This poses a threat to the global use of the SSL certificates and its importance. Listed below are some common myths related to these security certificates and the security they offer in the cyber industry:

  • Myth: SSL certificates are very costly
    not all the certificates are same and of same price! SSL certificates are not expensive. A wide range of certificates are available in the markets that are used for different purposes. Their cost also varies with the levels of security they offer and applications they support. A simple domain validation SSL certificate only costs a couple of bucks. With Social networking sites like Facebook making it compulsory to adopt the https:// URL for setting up all the applications, SSL certificate sales have alleviated.


  • Myth: All certificates are similar
    the diversity of the SSL certificates issued by the Certificate Authority council has been questioned many times. The fact is SSL certificates differ in the type of validation they offer. Some certificates secure e-commerce transactions while some protect the web applications from getting tempered. SSL certificates authenticate the e-mail exchanges.


  • Myth: SSL certificates are not reliable
    in past years, SSL certificates have proved themselves to be the most reliable and robust form of cryptography systems. They offer high-end security without compromising with the quality. Also, their protocols are highly encrypted and can’t be broken into by a mere hacker.


  • Myth: SSL is out-dated and vulnerable to risks
    the truth is nothing is as scalable and trustworthy as the SSL certificates. CAs has even made various collaborations with browsers to enhance the security levels.


  • Myth: need for separate IP address for each sub-domain
    Incorrect, the fact is you only need an SSL certificate for a single domain and all the entire sub-domains coming under it are covered along.

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