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Saving at Supermarkets

Saving at Supermarket

Super markets are the places where we buy most of our house hold things. There are offers and more offers and we end up buying more from the supermarket. Not only we buy more of grocery than what is required, we also buy other things we crave for like chocolate. It adds to the budget without us realizing, and the money is spent. Next month again this happens and again we spend more. When I calculated the total extra that we spend in a Supermarket on things we do not require it amounted to a whopping 4000 Euros. Well I took lessons and went to build a strategy as I cannot avoid supermarkets. This strategy has been in place for six months and I have saved close to 1500 Euros if not more.

  • Made List of wanted articles – The basic thing I started was to make a list of things I wanted and sticking to it. It made a lot of difference as I was buying only what I required rather than what the supermarket was offering.
  • Limited my visits – I started to go to the supermarket once a month and if required a second time. This resulted in buying less extra things and buying in bulk which cost me less.
  • Buying Vegetables and eggs from Farmers’ market –  I have been buying vegetables and eggs from farmers market and not supermarket. I get them fresh and they cost less of course.

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